Changes at That Place

On Monday of this week, I got to work and discovered that a big change is coming. Starting on in April 12 hour shifts will be mandatory of all Patient Access Representatives. I am a Patient Access Representative.

I can’t possibly do 12 hour shifts. The 10 hour shifts were taking an increasing toll on me. Because of all the time on my feet, I come home after every shift in pain. I have to ice my knees and take anti-inflammatory meds for my back. And because of all I witness, I come home with a pain in my soul. It is rough to watch a broken system as it wears down staff and poorly serves patients.

Once I heard about the mandatory 12 hour shifts, I knew I had no choice to but to leave the job. So I crafted an email and let her know of my intention to leave.

However she wrote me back and urged me to should apply for other positions and she would support those applications. So today I put in my application for two positions that are not 12 hour shifts. We shall see what happens.

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