Good Friday

…and the tide turns.

No That Place today!

The focus moves fully to doing that which brings me joy. Today I am one of five preachers taking on the Passion of our Lord. I am part of a livestream service from All Saints Pasadena.

I’m excited to have been invited to offer a word on this important day in the Church Year. The joy of the anticipate has pushed the pain and fatigue right out of my body. The act of preparing for today’s service has cleared my brain and rejuvenated my spirit. I’m high as a kite. I’m fit as fiddle and ready for the thing I love.

I will also admit to a extra nervousness today. This little meditation will be my introduction to All Saints in Pasadena. It will be my first time working with the staff there. Why is that important? because I’ve applied for a position there. The meditation I bring today is their chance to see a bit of what I can do. I need to bring it.

Still, no matter what happens, I’ll be delighted to speak God’s word to God’s people.

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