Out and About with Carla: Dumas Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Tuesday is a day off from That Place. However I usually spend the day doing church stuff. I do my email correspondence. I do a bit of planning. I spend some time with the Greek New Testament. I do some sermon prep. I do a little vocational reading. Thanks to the good people of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, I have a place not far from my home in which to do that work.

However today, after a couple of hours at the office, I took off to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon. I went to the Dumas Bay Wildlife Refuge. I parked my car in the lot and made the 1/4 mile stroll down to the shore.

It’s a small quiet sandy/rocky shore. Today not many people were out. So I felt like I had the entire place to myself. Picturesque spot. Great for photos. Wonderful place to just sit back, listen to the birds, watch the water and while away and afternoon.

It is a wonderful place to see birds. I’m not much of a birder but on a day like today when the sun is out and there’s no hurry, even I find joy in the watching. I took a seat on an old washed up log and took out my bins to see what I could see. What I saw was an eagle perched majestically on a high branch of Douglas Fir. I heard the trill of a red wing blackbird and spotted two in the meadow bordering the bay. I watched the seagulls and the crows collide. The gulls grew in number as they sat by the water and at length the crows had to find another spot.

I spotted lots of other small birds as they made their way along the shore. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. As the tide began to come in, it was time for me to go out.

I headed back up the path and was intrigued by a few side paths. None of them went far. Still even a few yards into the woods felt like an adventure today.

Just looking up in a tree could bring an unexpected smile.

After a while I returned to the parking lot and slowly got ready to drive off. I chatted pleasantly with a couple of people as they pulled up, dogs in tow. I didn’t really want to go but, duty still calls, even on a day when I’m playing hooky.

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