The end is near

No not THAT end.

The end of my time at That Place. Earlier in the month my boss informed us that all patient access representatives would be required to work 12 hour shifts beginning April 25. I informed my boss that I would not be able to stay under such conditions. I effectively gave my notice. Thus April 24 is my last day of employment at That Place.

However my boss did inform me of an opening at another hospital. This opening is in an outpatient clinic not an emergency department. I jumped at the opportunity.

Although it is full-time it will bring in less money. However there are advantages that make this job attractive. To begin with 8 hour shifts instead of 12 hour shifts. Also no running around in and out of patient rooms trying to get information from people who are in pain and misery. Also Sundays off. Also a 10 minute commute. Also I anticipate less wear and tear on my body and my soul.

So the end is near. That feels like a good thing and so far I am pretty happy about that.

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