Monday should have been a work day for me. It should have found me running around the ER registering patients. But it didn’t.

Hurt while running at work

On Monday I called out. Why? I was injured. As the Sunday shift wore on, the inside of my left hip began to ache. By the end of the shift I was limping noticeably. By the time I got home, I knew the injury was significant.

Still I held our hope that a night’s rest would heal the damage. It was not so. Early in the morning I called my boss and told her I was not able to come in to work. That made me feel powerless, old and useless.

However it was the right thing to do. My entire lower body has been devastated by this job. At the end of every shift I come home and ice my knees. Now I’ve noticed that my lower back is aching as well. Even my ankles are hurting at the end of a shift. Now that the pain has moved into my hip, it is clear that this job is damaging my body. I wonder if, at this point in my life, I can recover.

I have already concluded that this is unjust. The medical industrial complex has used me and will throw me aside as a waste product. It will find younger and fitter folk to be its canon fodder. It has broken my body and it will not pay for the damage and it doesn’t care.

So I didn’t go to work Monday because I was hurt. I will go to work Wednesday, even though I’m still hurt. I will go because I can’t afford to take the time off that I need to recover. Think of that folks, the next time you want to yell at the woman (and it will probably be a woman) who is at the desk of a medical facility. Cut her a little slack.

God be praised. I only have 13 days left of this job.

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