The weekend goes into Monday

It was an excellent weekend. It was a weekend dominated by preaching. And for me that is a good thing.

On Saturday we recorded One Service for Turtle Island. We will offer this liturgy to the entire diocese next Sunday. All the congregations of the diocese have been invited to use this liturgy as their Sunday worship service next week.

Thanks to leadership from our First Nations Circle the service will feature music and speech from indigenous peoples. Thanks to the leadership of others in the Circle of Color, the service will feature a Prayers of the People that accents the younger voices of our diocese. The Bishop will preside. And yours truly will preach.

We recorded One Service for Turtle Island on Saturday. I was the presider and preacher at Christ Church on Sunday. That meant I had the task of preaching two different sermons for two different audiences on back to back days. And I loved it.

I did something like that in Holy Week. I preached for All Saints, Pasadena on Good Friday and for Christ Church on Easter Sunday.

In both cases the energy output was significant. On the evening of Easter Sunday I was spent. But I was also excited and pumped. I paid the price the next day when I was hit in the face by the pain and frustration of That Place.

The same thing awaits me this morning. I know that walking in to That Place is going to be hard. But at least there is a little good news this time. Today is the last Monday I will ever have to walk into That Place.

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