Three days in

…to the new job and it has already happened. I’ve been asked to work in the ER.

How did that come to pass? It’s a story that leaves me with some uncertainty about my new workplace.

I’ve been hired to work in an endoscopy clinic 32 hours a week. That’s the job I said yes to. The clinic is small and it’s just getting rolling, so it’s not very busy right now (hence the 32 hours a week and not 40 hours a week). My job is to do patient registration in that clinic. I worked a regular 8 hour shift and trained there on Monday of this week.

However at the end of the shift on Monday I learned that there were no patients scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. So I was told to report to Outpatient Registration in the hospital to train there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I did not expect to be sent there. When I was given the new job I didn’t know that I was expected to cover outpatient registration. I didn’t take kindly to that surprise but I consented to go.

Working outpatient registration is harder than than working at the endo clinic. Despite the dizzying number of details I have to remember, the job seems doable. My trainer is lightening fast at registration but she is not a very good trainer. Just because one can do something does not mean one can teach that thing.

Still I spent Tuesday watching my trainer at work. Today I was thrown into the work. It was the ol’ Chuck-the-rookie-into-the-deep-end approach to training. I spent the day failing at registering patients and bumbling and fumbling my way through. It was exceptionally frustrating. Still I figure that in another week I could be moderately proficient at it.

So it was that at the end of a day of failure, another sudden course change took place. My trainer says to me as I’m about to leave for the day, “The ED is shorthanded tomorrow, they need help. So WE may be going over there tomorrow.”

I have no intention of going to the ED tomorrow. I’m intend to refuse. The ED was not in my job description. I intend to request another day in Outpatient registration rather than to go to the ED. If my supervisor peremptorily orders me to the ED. I suspect I’ll have to go but I will put up a good fight against it.

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