The first week at the new job

The job did not start as well as I had hoped. But things got better as the week went on.

On Monday I met my trainer. She is very good at what she does. However she is not a good trainer. She is remarkably fast at her job. However she is not able to teach me how to be fast at the job. She is not even that good at teaching me how to do the job. I basically have had to watch her speed through things and do my best to catch on.

Monday I spend the day at Endo. But the next three days I spent not doing my job but working at a different place: Outpatient Registration. This work takes place in the hospital. I learned as best I could how to do that job, again by watching my trainer and being thrown into the deep end to founder like a sinking ship.

On Thursday, there was actually the suggestion that I go and work in the ED because they were shorthanded. This made no real sense. It was the equivalent of saying to someone, “You’ve sailed in the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll be fine sailing on the Artic Ocean.”

Luckily I got out of having to go to the ED.

Friday found me back in the clinic to which I’m assigned. Endo is not going to be difficult to work at. The patient load doesn’t appear to be large at all. There are only a few rooms for the doctors to work in. It take a considerable about of time to do each procedure. There are only two doctors.

Also I’ve learned that every now and then, there are days in which no patients are scheduled. This is OK by me. The job is technically 32 hours a week. I knew that when I took the job. And yes, I reconfigured our family’s budget around that change in income. So if there is a day in any given week where no patients are scheduled then I have the option to not work that day or go work in another place. More than likely that place would be outpatient registration. I think I will take the off day rather than work in Outpatient Registration.

I noticed after only one day the change in how I felt physically. From Monday through Friday, I finished the days pain free. No aching back. No need for ice on my knees. I was not collapsing into a chair at the kitchen table. I was not pulling on my nightgown and crawling up the steps to bed. I had energy. I could do a thing or two after work. I was good company to my family.

On the other side of end of the day, was how I started the days before going to work. I could sleep until 630am, instead of drag myself out of bed at 430am. Although I now work 5 days a week, this is better for me than pushing through 10.5 hours plus for 4 days a week.

There is no doubt it. This new job is much better for my body. It looks to be much less of a grind for my soul as well. I’ve had enough of the daily drama and trauma of the ED. A nice boring clinic is fine by me. We even have down time, where I can study a little Greek.

My first impression is:

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