Out and About with Carla

When I first landed in Seattle, I walked.

I walked quite a bit. I walked the city and saw its sights. I walked along the edges of the Puget Sound. I walked the shores of Lake Washington and Lake Union. I found delight in the myriad of place where land met water in this watery town. I found all sorts of places in region around the Sound. I logged uncounted miles and uncountable smiles.

Then something happened and I’m not sure what. But somehow, I stopped walking. Finding time to walk seemed impossible. Other obligations grew. Other demands on my time took over. My body changed. I was “made weak by time and fate.”

However this year I am determined to walk again. With the help of friend, a lovely and sturdy walking stick, I have started to walk again. With determination to make time for the trail, I have started to walk again. With shoes for the ground and bins for the sky, I have started to walk again.

I am no hiker. I will not be traveling miles. But I will walk. And I will write about where I walk. Look for the category “Out and About with Carla” in this blog. And come walk with me.